Pepperelly is not a jelly, jam or preserve.  At only 20 calories per serving, it’s packed with bell peppers, significantly less sugar than a pepper jelly, and all-natural ingredients resulting in a wonderfully fresh taste.  Pepperelly is a versatile product that can be used as a jelly, glaze or relish.  Pepperelly is whatever you want it to be!

Want to wake up a sandwich, an omelet or roasted vegetables?  Add some Pepperelly.  Want to turn grilled salmon, London broil, or pork tenderloin into something extra special?  Add some Pepperelly.  Want to impress your guests with appetizers that are both delicious and elegant?  Pick up some brie, cream cheese, or chicken tenders and add some Pepperelly.  Pepperelly adds fresh flavor to an endless array of dishes.  Your family won’t eat peppers?  Neither will Maryann’s…but they’ll eat Pepperelly right out of the jar.

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