Music on Chocolate

Second Saturdays June through September

Downtown Hershey’s summer concert series will feature the talents of regional acts as well as local musicians getting national attention. Two bands will be featured each evening in a family-friendly atmosphere with food and beverages. Come out to enjoy live music in ChocolateTown Square.

June 10

Nate Meyers and the Aces
Nate Myers and the Aces have been established in Central PA for nearly 15 years. They are professional, flexible, and easy to work with. Lead by vocalist Nate Myers and his harmonica, the band creates a loose, casual atmosphere where everyone can relax and have a good time! Whether the audience prefers to sit back and listen or get up and “shake that thang,” there is something for everyone. Nate Myers is an excellent musician, songwriter, and performer – the consummate entertainer who keeps the audience’s attention throughout the entire performance. The wide variety of styles, energy and sincerity in his music allows him to fit into nearly any musical genre. On a typical evening, audiences can hear influences from many forms of American music – blues, funk, hip hop, rockabilly, country and improvisation. Nate Myers & the Aces take all these styles they love and weave them into a tapestry of their own.


Currently hailing from Connecticut, Canyon is a 30-year-old vocal powerhouse. She is known by those that have seen her perform as a captivating singer/songwriter with haunting and heart-wrenchingly honest songs. Performing with just an acoustic guitar, her catchy vocal melodies will immediately grab your attention while the intimate lyrics and stories she tells will keep your ears guessing. Known for performing with an intensely raw passion and conviction, her sound will cut you deep and hit a nerve.

July 8

The JellyBricks

Well-rehearsed and well-received by thousands of McCartney/Beatles fans alike, ‘The JellyBricks Meet The Beatles’ became a road-tested, traveling wonder with all the hits and then some. Whether it’s a full on, electrified Rock and Roll experience, or a stripped down, intimate acoustic affair…the focus remains on the songs and the original vocal arrangements with a healthy dose of Beatles fanaticism mixed in. It’s not a costumed tribute, it’s a musical pilgrimage. All together, now.

Up Pops The Devil
Up Pops the Devil is trying to save the world two guitar players at a time. “We love the sound of two guitars, drums and bass. Add to that a good melody and to us that’s what rock and roll is.” Four self-admitted music nerds who hang out so much they could finish each other sentences (and often do), Up Pops the Devil is a band with an immediately recognizable country, rhythm and blues influence. But the vibe is all their own as they take over the stage while still staying true to their strong beating rock n roll heart. 

Aug 12

HIP 450 is a semi-acoustic combo that performs classic rock. Please know that this is no lounge act, HIP 450 comes with a kick! Many of the songs covered by HIP 450 are repurposed, that is, they are given a different groove and/or vibe. Even the songs that are played closer to the original versions have a unique sound due to HIP 450’s organic approach. These experienced, ok OLD, musicians have done it all over their collective history. From writing and performing songs that have appeared on network TV and film, to directing marching band drum lines, to playing the roughest toughest dives on the east coast, HIP 450 has skills!  HIP 450 was put together to appeal to an audience that wants something familiar yet fresh. This is not another party band playing worn out jukebox standards. The act may not be for everybody, but for those who appreciate craft and quality, HIP 450 is where it’s at!


It is undeniable that Philadelphia has one of the brightest, young music scenes in the country. Standing right in the thick of it is a quartet of fun-loving,passionate, and crazy college boys. They call themselves RFA. Through high energy Rock & Roll music, the group is showing people what having a good time is all about. This band can pack a room full of people and drive them wild with their potent combination of catchy melodies and tight, yet raging instrumentals. On their latest release, Something New From RFA, they delivered a record that perfectly captures the spirit and energy that makes them one of the most exciting bands breaking out of Philadelphia’s music scene. This, to anyone who is familiar with RFA’s brand of Rock N’ Roll, makes for a wonderful record. But Something New does more than offer a glimpse into the band as a live act. Cousart’s lyrics are genuinely heart-felt songs that capture the highs and lows of young adult life in college. It’s confident, yet searching. Bold but self-aware. Wild but deliberate. On Something New, RFA has managed to create a record that represents their next steps creatively as well as establish who they are as a band.

Sept 9

Mark Bryan (Hootie) & The Screaming Trojans

Mark Bryan is a founding member, songwriter and the guitar player for multi-platinum Hootie & the Blowfish and has spent the last 30 years recording and touring.  He also has three solo albums to his credit. Since moving to Charleston in 1999, Bryan has produced 7 full-length albums, as well as co-written and produced countless songs for other artists.  In 2010 Bryan joined the Maryland-based Screaming Trojans to bring their style of alternative rock a new sound.

The Swaines
Celebrating ten years together, the Swaines’ passion for “beer-soaked flannel dirt rock” continues unchecked. With a sound loosely planted somewhere between rock and alternative country, the band draws influence from Neil Young, Jason Isbell, Wilco and the Old 97’s. A Swaines show is like your favorite boy band wandered into the Appalachians with a distortion pedal – except there’s a girl in the band and none of the boys can dance.


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August 12 

September 9 

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