Back-in Angled Parking Is Now Available on Chocolate Avenue!

Back-in angled parking is arriving in Downtown Hershey! Traveling westbound on Chocolate Avenue near 11 East Chocolate Avenue, future home of MeltSpa by Hershey, travelers must now use a new approach for parking in this area. Improvements are expected to be complete by the end of the week.

Back-in angled parking parking requires motorists to signal prior to the space, stop just past the space, and then slowly back in until the vehicle reaches the curb. These spaces have a two-hour time limit. Back-in angled parking offers several benefits to motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. It eliminates the difficulty of backing into traffic that is present with pull-in angled parking, provides motorists with better vision of bicyclists, pedestrians, and other vehicles, and also improves safety when loading and unloading cargo and helping children in and out of car seats. With back-in angled parking, open car doors guide young children back to a point of safety rather than out into the street. Along with the new spaces, the private drive that runs beside the property at 11 East Chocolate has been converted to a one-way street that exits onto Chocolate Avenue, with parallel parking on each side. As a result, vehicles will no longer be able to enter the private drive off of Chocolate Avenue.

Check out the following instructional videos and examples of how back-in angled parking is working in other communities:

Instructions for parking in a back-in angled parking space