Bowman Legacy Results in Ongoing Chocolate Avenue Beautification

When one thinks of Chocolate Avenue or the town of Hershey as a whole, few elements are as memorable as our Hershey Kiss street lights. In addition to acting as the cornerstone OF MANY fond memories made in Downtown Hershey, those iconic street lamps are also the foundation of a continuous beautification effort by the Bowman Trust.

At one time, Bill Bowman was the general manager of the Hershey Nursery and director of the Hershey Gardens. Though Bill passed away in 2004, his family and friends continue his legacy through the the Bowman Trust, an organization created with the express intent to improve the lives of residents and visitors of Hershey through horticulture.

The most visible evidence of the Bowman Trust’s work centers on those Hershey Kiss street lights. They provide the wreaths during the holiday season, as well as flowering baskets during the warmer months that line Chocolate Avenue, making a more pleasant experience for all. Other work includes the planting of trees in and around Hershey or flowers in the center median beds on the further reaches of Chocolate Avenue.

Bowman Trust projects are paid for through contributions from local residents, businesses, and civic organizations. Fundraising efforts are also a critical part of their operations, which this time of year include the sale of flowering baskets similar to those that are hung on Chocolate Avenue and timed with Mother’s Day.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bowman Trust, you can find more on their website.

Flowering baskets for Mother’s Day can also be ordered, though do so soon as the due date for orders is Friday, March 29.