Can the Hershey Trojans Defend The Bean?

The 76th Annual Cocoa Bean Game between the Milton Hershey Spartans and the Hershey High School Trojans is this Friday, September 7, at 7:00 p.m. at the Henry Hershey Field! It will be a battle between two rivals as the Trojans attempt to defend their last year’s win of the sacred Bean trophy.

Proceeds from the game go to the Hershey Community Youth Alliance (HCYA) to fund their local and international community service contributions. The HCYA consists of student leaders from both the Milton Hershey School and Hershey High School.

The annual Cocoa Bean Bowl has been presented by the Hershey Rotary Club since 1943. In addition to the yearly, season kick-off football game, players from both teams attend a post-game Rotary Club breakfast, where each senior receives a participation pin in remembrance of the tradition. Rotary members also present an All-Star Trophy to each teams’ best offensive and defensive player.

This fall season will kick-off with tradition, sportsmanship, and school pride. And, whether you root for the Trojans or proudly support the Spartans, it’s always great to see the winning team hoist the coveted Cocoa Bean trophy and display it in a place of honor as they await the next battle for the Bean.




The Downtown Hershey Association appreciates the support of all of our sponsors. This week we send a special thank you to the Chocolate Avenue Grill!