Community Public Meeting to be held June 18

Derry Township is collaborating with Urban Design Associates to enhance and preserve the character of the downtown through the creation of refined zoning and design standards. Please join us for a community meeting on Tuesday, June 18, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at The Hershey Story Museum to provide your input, learn about this process, and meet the team.


The meeting on Tuesday will officially kick off the planning study that is being undertaken by Derry Township, and supported by the Downtown Hershey Association, in an effort to continue downtown improvement efforts and the work already begun by the community.


In 2015, the Downtown Hershey Association worked with Derck & Edson to complete a downtown master plan. This document, and the Township’s comprehensive plan that was completed in 2016, became the visioning documents that drove updates to the Township’s zoning ordinance, which was adopted in 2017. To some extent, the new zoning ordinance appears to be achieving the Township’s land use goals. However, as downtown development moves forward, it has become evident that some changes are necessary to better recognize unique areas of our downtown from a design perspective and to ultimately achieve desired development patterns through new development, redevelopment, and infill.


Although the zoning ordinance was intended to simplify the number of zoning districts, Downtown Hershey has several areas with a unique character. Development patterns in the core downtown, for example, are distinctly different than the development patterns on Caracas Avenue, which are also different than development patterns on the west end of town or near the Hershey Theatre. This study will consider the unique characteristics of these areas and provide recommendations for updates to the Township’s zoning and design standards ordinances.


The community is encouraged to attend the meeting on Tuesday and share feedback with the project team. This feedback, along with other data collected by the consultants will aid in the development of visioning documents and recommendations.