Exciting Moments at MarketPlace

MarketPlace, located at 250 West Chocolate Avenue in Downtown Hershey, is the place to go for thoughtful and unique gifts! Patti Santangelo created this hidden gem with the idea of inventing a unique destination that provides meaningful gifts for others.

A background in planning and retail helped her realize that opening four times-a-year was the perfect way to balance her professional and personal life. Eco-friendly gifts, decorative houseware, handcrafted fashion accessories, and earth-friendly novelties are just some of the treasures you can find at MarketPlace. Never expect to see the same thing as the selection changes every time MarketPlace pops up!

MarketPlace will celebrate its six-year anniversary on Friday, November 2. Come share in the fun from 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.! Enjoy gratitude giveaways, refreshments, and discounts on fall items! Eight guest artisan vendors will also be featured, offering delectable desserts, jewelry, interior decoration, and apparel.

New to the MarketPlace scene is the MVP (MarketPlace Valuable Patron) program where participants get five special offers for just $25! These deals include a cute tote, great discounts, an invitation to a patron party, and a birthday bonus! This offer begins Friday during the anniversary event, and is available for anyone who is interested in joining!

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