Downtown Hershey Boundaries

The boundaries of Downtown Hershey are depicted above and are generally as follows: north of Chocolate Avenue to the railroad tracks; west to Hockersville Road; south of Chocolate Avenue to S. 2nd St. (west of Route 743), and to approximately S. 3rd St. (east of Route 743); and east to Mansion Road.

Business Directory Guidelines

Businesses and organizations of any type located within the boundaries of Downtown Hershey may be included in the directory. 

Businesses that participate in the Life on Chocolate event series are included in the directory.

Businesses within a five to ten minute drive time of Downtown Hershey that draw people to the area for an entertainment purpose or an attraction (including outdoors and recreation), or businesses that compliment entertainment (e.g. restaurants, hotels, retail) may be included.  

Downtown businesses are categorized as “featured” and are listed first in their respective categories.

Hershey Event Calendar Guidelines

The event calendar is populated with events taking place in Downtown Hershey as well as events located within a five to ten minute drive time of Downtown Hershey that offer an entertainment value, e.g. concerts or live music performances at various venues (including restaurants), a play or theatrical performance, professional or varsity spectator sports, community festivals, parades, and other arts and cultural opportunities.