Have a Look Around Downtown

As we move into summer, residents and visitors will continue to notice improvements occurring across Downtown Hershey. Here’s a short summary of recent improvements and what else you can expect to see in the near future.

The Chocolate Avenue Streetscape project is in the final stages. Paving is complete, decorative crosswalks have been installed at select intersections, and on-street parking has been striped. Work is expected to begin on the right turn lane at Linden Road in front of The Hershey Story the week of July 8, and it is expected to take 2-3 weeks. While it is not ideal for this work to occur during the busy summer tourist season, it is necessary for the turn lane improvements to take place in order to complete the crosswalks and install the signal poles at this intersection.

Decorative signal poles for the traffic lights at Ridge Road and Linden Road are expected to arrive in late July. Following installation, motorists traveling in either direction on Chocolate Avenue will notice left turn arrows at both intersections.These signal improvements are expected to help alleviate traffic from stacking on Chocolate Avenue.

The Township is also working with Township engineer HRG to present a series of plan changes to PennDOT. These modifications are expected to include additional reflective delineators in the island at the Chocolate Avenue at Para Avenue crosswalk, a pedestrian activated push button lighted warning sign at the crosswalk on Chocolate Avenue at Valley Road near Duck Donuts, and modifications to the westbound turn lane at Orchard Road to facilitate additional on-street parking. These changes will need to be approved by PennDOT before they can occur. 

Have you noticed the changes on the southwest corner of Ridge Road and Chocolate Avenue? This spring, the Downtown Hershey Association partnered with Derry Township and Apple Retail Properties, owner of the property on which Chipotle is located, to complete a small landscaping project. A small portion of this corner is owned by the Township, a result of the Ridge Road realignment that occurred several years ago. The Downtown Hershey Association was able to work with both stakeholders to extend decorative stone, place decorative grasses and daffodils, and plant two snow goose cherry trees in this area.

In addition to these public realm improvements, Derry Township kicked off a downtown planning study with UDA on Tuesday, June 18. Stay tuned for an update in a coming edition of The Wrapper.