Have you seen the new street lights downtown?

We love bringing you The Wrapper on a weekly basis. We also love that we can help to support a full Life on Chocolate event series in Downtown Hershey. We love that we help to create vibrancy and awareness of downtown businesses, and events in those businesses. We love that we can share exciting project information with you, like the Chocolate Avenue Streetscape Improvements, and at times, we love that we have an opportunity to take part in those projects. (Are you feeling our Valentine’s Day love??)

Check it out. Next time you’re in Downtown Hershey, look north towards Hersheypark when you are at Chocolate Avenue’s intersection with Ridge Road. You’ll notice three new acorn-style street lights. As part of the Hershey Towne Square development project, PP&L needed to relocate three existing highway-style cobrahead lights (very similar in style to the adorned kiss lights, but without the kisses). While they help to cast large amounts of light and are appropriate for busy highway corridors, this style of light doesn’t integrate well with downtown settings. They’re  tall, unwelcoming, and tend to make a place feel sterile. That’s an atmosphere at odds with what we want to see downtown.

The Downtown Hershey Association was able to work with Derry Township and PP&L to provide partial funding to remove the highway-style lights and integrate the pedestrian-scaled acorn-style lights. Design improvements like this help to improve the look and feel of Downtown Hershey, one of our organization’s focus areas.

We’re about far more than the fantastic events we bring to Downtown Hershey. The Downtown Hershey Association follows the Main Street Approach. Set forth by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Main Street Approach offers tools for communities to develop effective revitalization and transformation strategies that are implemented through comprehensive work in four broad areas, referred to as the Four Points: Economic Vitality; Design; Organization; and Promotion.

We’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on our amazing volunteers to make things happen. They provide leadership and support in a variety of areas and we are always looking for new people to get involved. Keep an eye on The Wrapper and our social channels, where we will be sharing opportunities about specific ways to volunteer in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait, drop us a line now, Admin@DowntownHershey.com.

As Downtown Hershey continues to grow and develop, we’re looking forward to working with our partners to create an interesting, vibrant place for our community and visitors. Seeing the acorn street lights in place is one small victory. Stay tuned as we work towards additional improvements this year and consider coming along for the ride!