Escape Room Hershey

The ultimate in interactive fun is taking place in "the Sweetest Place on Earth."

Escape Room Hershey is a unique and interactive entertainment experience that appeals to a wide range of demographics including co-workers interested in team building, couples looking for an interesting date night, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or a group of friends who want a challenge and laugh.

Escape Room Hershey gives participants the opportunity to select from 3 customized rooms, each with a unique goal to be solved within 1 hour. As the suspense and adrenaline build, you will work as a team using only your wits, intuition, logic, and communication with team members to solve puzzles and connect clues before the time runs out.

We thank Escape Room Hershey for being a sponsor of the Downtown Hershey Association!

Wed, Thurs: 3:30-8:00pm Fri: 3:30-8:30pm Sat: 12-8:30pm Sun: 12-5:30pm
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