Our succulent bold flavors are derived from the Hawaiian culinary tradition of poké, infused with a modern taste. Every bowl is customized and catered to every guests’ taste.

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Freshido is a fast, casual restaurant that specializes in Bubble Tea and Hawaiian Poké. Our goal is simple: to make food the fresh way. Freshido first started as a simple idea between two friends. We asked ourselves, why does fast food have to be unanimous with unhealthy food? Why can’t fast food also be healthy? With these two questions in our minds, we set off on a journey to find the answer and inspiration that brought our idea to life. We tasted food from all over the world, and decided that we wanted to create a cuisine that is not only healthy, but also flavorful. After many trials and errors, we finally created a menu that appeals to both your appetite, and health, without breaking the bank! We boast supremely fresh ingredients and guarantee a delicious experience with every bowl.

Mon-Sun: 10 am-9 pm
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