10:15 The Jayplayers (Americana)

“Our first rehearsals were in a local park; something of singing outside, in summertime, for no one in particular, that speaks to the natural ease of our collective relationship with music” – remarks The Jayplayers, of their formation in 2013 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This award winning Americana act, based around the songwriting of Keeley McCue and Chris Weidensaul, has developed from an acoustic duo into a full electric band set up as well. The inclusion of bassist Michael Broda and drummer Tyler Kollinok into the fold, has resulted in their debut LP Glitter & Wine (2016) and new EP, The Jayplayers: Little Bit Country (2018). Last year they debuted at such nationally recognized festivals as the Philadelphia Folk Festival and MusikFest, as well as, received the 2018 PHL Live Center Stage Country/Folk music award from the Philadelphia City Council.

12:00 Shine Delphi (New Orleans style jazz)

Shine Delphi is a master of his craft and a true entertainer. He will weave stories into music without missing a beat. An old soul that performs with a youthful spirit.





1:45 Emmanuel Nsingani (West African world music)

Emmanuel Nsingani is a musician of extraordinary talent. A versatile performer, The Congolese Bona ’s effortless and evocative voice is supported by his virtuosity and fluidity on bass and guitar. He has served as producer, arranger, and composer on many recordings, and has been involved in countless music projects, including musical director of the gospel choir Living Water. He has shared both stage and studio with accomplished musicians such as Adamu Da Silva, Andy Alonso, Steve Rudolph, Daniel Mendez, Syssi Mananga, Freddy Massamba, and Arnoldo Prete, to name a few. Originally from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, Nsingani fell in love with the bass guitar at an early age, and has been playing music all of his life, immersing himself in the world of jazz, gospel and of course, Congolese rumba/soukous. Emmanuel’s eclectic vocal style features songs in French, English, Lingala and Lari, and his music combines a strong flavor of traditional, folkloric Congolese with elements of jazz, rock, latin, R&B, and world music, creating a distinct, modern sound.

3:30 Hexbelt (Blues/Rock/Funk)

Hexbelt has the ability to cut across political, social, and economic boundaries to reach the masses. A peer in a crowd at a Hexbelt show would reveal a cross section of society, with baby boomers, neo-hippies, punks, blue collars, yuppies and the like; all jamming together as one. Hexbelt truly is a unique band in an age of increasingly generic modern music. Penman /singer/guitarist – Dann Ottemiller, guitarist Gus Aguirre, bassist Neal Kreider and drummer Tony Aguirre.