Music on Chocolate Returns to ChocolateTown Square

Second Saturday is back, and with it comes another entertaining evening of Music on Chocolate! From 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm this Saturday, August 12, bring your blankets and chairs to ChocolateTown Square for an evening of food, drinks, and excellent music! The night will open with HIP 450, who pride themselves in giving an exciting kick to classic songs. Then, RFA will return to the ChocolateTown Square stage after making their energetic and crowd-pleasing Downtown Hershey debut at last year’s Choctoberfest. Check out more about each band below, and don’t miss out on your chance to hear them live in Downtown Hershey!!

HIP 450

HIP 450 is a semi-acoustic combo that performs classic rock. Please know that this is no lounge act, HIP 450 comes with a kick! Many of the songs covered by HIP 450 are repurposed, that is, they are given a different groove and/or vibe. Even the songs that are played closer to the original versions have a unique sound due to HIP 450’s organic approach. These experienced, ok OLD, musicians have done it all over their collective history. From writing and performing songs that have appeared on network TV and film, to directing marching band drum lines, to playing the roughest toughest dives on the east coast, HIP 450 has skills! HIP 450 was put together to appeal to an audience that wants something familiar yet fresh. This is not another party band playing worn out jukebox standards.RFA

It is undeniable that Philadelphia has one of the brightest, young music scenes in the country. Standing right in the thick of it is a quartet of fun-loving, passionate, and crazy college boys. They call themselves RFA. Through high energy Rock & Roll music, the group is showing people what having a good time is all about. This band can pack a room full of people and drive them wild with their potent combination of catchy melodies and tight, yet raging instrumentals. On their latest release, Something New From RFA, they delivered a record that perfectly captures the spirit and energy that makes them one of the most exciting bands breaking out of Philadelphia’s music scene. Cousart’s lyrics are genuinely heartfelt songs that capture the highs and lows of young adult life in college. It’s confident, yet searching. Bold but self-aware. Wild but deliberate. On Something New, RFA has managed to create a record that represents their next steps creatively as well as establish who they are as a band.