Park Boulevard Realignment Plans Underway

As Downtown Hershey ushers in an eventful summer season, locals and tourists alike should be aware of the continued construction of the rerouted Park Boulevard.

park blvd planThe Park Boulevard transformation will shift the roadway south of its current route, construct a new bridge over Spring Creek, restructure the Ridge Road underpass, and add a covered pedestrian walkway to it.

Additionally, a road that leads to Hershey Chocolate World and other pedestrian sidewalks will be part of the completed project.

It has been nearly seven years since the initial planning stages of the project began, as a result of the necessity to replace the Spring Creek bridge. According to Derry Township Supervisor Justin Engle, the Spring Creek bridge was “nearing the end of its useful and practical life,” and needed to be replaced at a cost of approximately $3 million.

However, instead of simply replacing the bridge at the township’s expense, the reconstruction and improvement of the entire stretch of Park Boulevard was proposed. Once the plan was approved, PennDOT funding was granted to help cover the approximately $11.5 million project.

The roadway is projected for completion in November 2016, so Downtown Hershey residents and visitors can anticipate the realigned Park Boulevard in a few months!