Phredd Takes the Stage in Downtown Hershey

Thanks to Hershey’s First United Methodist Church, Phredd (aka Fred McNaughton), the ukulele playing singer/songwriter, brings his crowd-pleasing repertoire to Downtown Hershey’s Chocolate Town Square. A favorite with the children, Phredd will perform many of his most popular numbers such as: Floating Zoo, Get Happy, My Mom is a Pirate, My Sister Swallowed a Frog, and If Coffee Smells so Good, Why Does it Taste so Bad?

Phredd has performed hundreds of concerts for kids and families over the years, When he’s not performing live concerts, this talented musician is also a WJTL radio personality and member of Steven Courtney’s Suitcase musicians.

Phredd’s all set to perform several short musical sets for children of all ages from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, August 6 in the Chocolatetown Square as part of this week’s Farmers Market on Chocolate in Downtown Hershey. Come downtown and enjoy this time with Phredd!