Sweet Plans for Downtown Hershey Amenities

Downtown Hershey is about to get sweeter, and we want your input!

The Downtown Hershey Association design committee is working on exciting plans for ChocolateTown Square East, the undeveloped park space on the corner of Chocolate and Cocoa Avenues. These plans are still in the preliminary stages, and though they don’t portray exact details of possible changes, they do reveal the many opportunities that exist within this space. The conceptual plans are readily available in the About section on the Downtown Hershey Association website, and are open for public review and discussion.

The park in ChocolateTown Square East has the potential to serve the community as a key gathering space and a central hub for Downtown Hershey activities –– contributing to our ever-improving downtown! This proposed amenity is situated across from the current ChocolateTown Square, neighboring the Hershey Theatre and community building.

Let Us Know What You Think

The conceptual plans are displayed on the Downtown Hershey Association website, and are open for public discussion. As these renderings are still in the preliminary planning stages, your input is important to us! Going forward, they will be used to form a basis for preliminary engineering and the development of cost opinions. If you have ideas, comments, or suggestions about potential Downtown Hershey amenities, please join us at one of the bi-monthly Downtown Hershey Association Board Meetings. The next meeting will take place in February, and the specific time and location for this and all future meetings will be announced on the Downtown Hershey event calendar or Facebook page.