The Pantry Cafe Transitions to Table Service

A Downtown Hershey favorite got a new look, with The Pantry Cafe transitioning to table service and a full menu! The cafe, located in the Hershey Story Museum, is excited to share their new services with the community.

Colette McNitt, manager, The Pantry Cafe, said that they decided to make the switch because the previous setup was a limited venue, and they wanted to expand to accommodate more people. After hearing customer feedback, they transitioned to full service and, according to Colette, a “larger menu with more selections to provide options for tourists and locals to enjoy.”

The new menu includes breakfast sandwiches and other favorites from the previous Pantry Cafe setup, and adds other Hershey Pantry menu items for all to enjoy. Be sure to check out the Pantry Cafe’s new setup, and stay tuned to the Downtown Hershey Association Facebook page next week on Thursday, May 4th, for a Facebook live video at the location!