The Townies are coming, the Townies are coming!

The Townies are a volunteer army of people who are committed to promoting Downtown Hershey – and having fun in the process! Anyone who lives or works anywhere in the Hershey area is invited to join.

The group will help spread the word about downtown happenings, volunteer at community events, enjoy access to fun, exclusive Townie parties, patronize local businesses, and demonstrate their membership through hip Townie apparel.

“The Townies is a way for anyone to play a part in building Downtown Hershey and be ‘in the know’ about what’s happening here,” said Patti Santangelo, owner of Marketplace, volunteer manager for all Life on Chocolate events and Townie membership co-ordinator.  “If you like fun and live or work in the Hershey area, there’s really no excuse for not being a Townie.”

“I am hoping all residents will consider jumping on board to help our community and the Downtown Hershey Association!”

Santangelo said she has gotten to meet so many residents and visitors through her boutique and is looking forward to meeting even more people through membership in the Townies. “While this will be a wonderful way for us to promote the downtown and spread the word organically about events and new businesses opening, membership in the Townies will also enable folks to meet others who live or work in the Township and make new friends in the process,” she said.

The new group will kick off with a reception at 5:30 pm, May 3 at the Hershey Story (65 Chocolate Avenue). RSVP here now. You may also sign up to be added to the Townie email list to receive news and information about volunteer opportunities and consider becoming an official Townie by purchasing a membership kit that includes a t-shirt and other goodies.