This Week at Market –
August 20

Join us for another Saturday bursting with festivities, tasty food, and superb company. We may all be thinking about fall, but there is still plenty of fresh summer produce ready and waiting for you!

ChocolateTown Square is full of activities this weekend, so you can skip the gym and fit in your cardio with a fun fitness class or find your Nirvana in a relaxing tai chi class. Grab the kids for a fun kinderdance session while you’re there. Afterwards treat yourself to a gourmet breakfast from Guerilla Canteen or loaded popcorn from Groves Candy. The morning’s events also include face painting, childrens games, and children’s activities around music. Get an accelerated history course from the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society and visit with Over the Moon for insights into the complexities of teenage mental health. We really do have something for everyone this week from our great vendors and artisans, so be sure to come out!

What’s at Market?


Spiral Path Farm: Bring home a box of organic greens from this certified-organic, family-run farm. Bring home fresh kale, herbs, and mixed veggies.

Pink Bird Bakery: An all-natural bakery specializing in healthy, wholesome breads and specialty cakes.

Chomp Chomp: A delicious vietnamese food truck that features pork summer rolls and fresh-squeezed lemonade, with a focus on giving back to the community.

Rola’s Lebanese Cuisine: Authentic Lebanese food.

Batter: A gluten-free baking company with a certified gluten-free kitchen and artfully created goods, they are your go-to bakery for all sweet tooth moments! Try a fresh gluten-free cookie.

3J’s Coffee: A local coffee shop known for their breakfast sandwiches and freshly brewed pour over.

Grandview Granola: Well known for their fresh yogurt parfaits made with delicious homemade granola blends. Be sure to get yours with the maple bacon granola. Scrumptious!

Country Joy Flowers: Specializing in beautifully crafted flowers grown from their own farm.

Rafiki’s Deli: A deli-styled vendor specializing in authentic African food such as Samosas, mango slaw, and fresh-made hummus.

Guerrilla Canteen: A food truck on a mission to provide gourmet guerrilla cuisine to the general public. Treat yo’self to a blueberry cheesecake empanada with whipped cream for breakfast.

Adrienne Mohn’s Herbals: This artisan specializes in all-natural beauty and skin-care products.

Olivero’s Vineyard: This local winery offers free samples of their aged wines made from a wide variety of fresh ingredients.

Just Four Dogs and Cats Pet Bakery: This all-natural bakery creates unique treats for both dogs and cats. They also offer fun toys and apparel.

Stella Blue: Hip handcrafted jewelry with a zen-like appeal.

Silver and Stone Artisan Jewelry: An artist creating beautiful jewelry and fine accessories.

SPLAT: A Family Art Studio:  A fun business offering different projects for all ages!


  • 8:00 am – 9:00 am      Free CrossFit Gamma fitness class
  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am    Free tai chi class
  • 10:30 am – 11:15 am  Free Kinderdance class
  • 8:00 am – 12:30 pm    Free kid activities: face painting, create an instrument, play music, listen to a story, and more
  • 8:00 am- 12:30 pm     Visit with the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society
  • 8:00 am- 12:30 pm     Make DIY squeezies with the Over the Moon organization

Volunteer to Help!

We could still use a few volunteers this week. Please consider helping if you’re available. It’s a great way to spend Saturday morning! If you can’t help this week, you can sign up for future dates on the Farmers Market on Chocolate page.

Volunteer August 20

Our Featured Vendors

Introducing Lemira Rola Chehab from Rola’s Lebanese Food

As a young girl, Rola’s culinary experience first sparked in Beirut, the breathtakingly beautiful capital of Lebanon. She distinctly remembers working in her aunt’s kitchen surrounded with family and the rich aroma of cinnamon and allspice. Rola quickly became familiar with traditional Lebanese cuisine and perfected her skills as a young woman. She was also busy earning her teaching degree in statistics at the American University of Beirut, and starting a new life with her husband, Walid, and their first son. Today, just one year after leaving home to be with their son, Rola shares her prized baked goods with raving customers. In the near future, Rola hopes for a larger kitchen suited for a broader Lebanese menu complete with tabooli, a fresh chopped salad with parsley, tomato, and garlic; sfeeha, mediterranean meat pies; fattoush, a traditional salad with pita chips; and of course hummus, made of chickpeas and rich spices. You won’t want to miss her traditional Lebanese baklava and homemade walnut fudge!


Describe the moment you knew you needed to sell your products.

When my friends tasted my homemade, fresh Lebanese baklava and encouraged me to sell it because it was yummy.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before starting your own business?

Americans love lebanese food.

What song best describes your work ethic?

Survivor’s “Eye of The Tiger”

How would you sell hot cocoa on the beach in Florida?

It is too hot to sell hot cocoa on the beach in Florida.

Name three people, famous or otherwise, you would love to have at your stand?

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates

What product do you believe to be your prized item?

Lebanese Baklava

Describe one especially difficult challenge in your life and how you have grown from it.

I was 19 years old, married with a one year old son, and tackling 21 credits at the university as a statistics major. Sometimes I didn’t have one hour of free time in a  day. Thanks to God I struggled and got my bachelors degree in statistics.

If you were the new item in the market, what product would you be and why?

Lebanese stuffed grape leaves because it is tasty!