This Week at Market –
September 3

  Are you ready? This Labor Day weekend the fun never ends in Downtown Hershey! Here at Market, we’ll be jammed packed with scrumptious delicacies, artisanal treasures, and so much more. We have everything you need for your weekend BBQ. There’s something for everyone this week from our great vendors and artisans, so be sure […]


Are you ready? This Labor Day weekend the fun never ends in Downtown Hershey! Here at Market, we’ll be jammed packed with scrumptious delicacies, artisanal treasures, and so much more. We have everything you need for your weekend BBQ. There’s something for everyone this week from our great vendors and artisans, so be sure to come out!

Celebrate the first week back at school with fun activities for the kids: painting in the park, crafting in the market, and a music class for the wee ones. Parents, relax in a tai chi class or challenge yourself with an all-level Crossfit Gamma class. Stop by the Guerilla Canteen for an egg fried over corn chips and chorizo, and of course their famous apple bourbon bacon jam. For something a little more classic, try their Guerilla Burger with the blue cheese. Sample creations from around the world. Try the sweet, heavenly Baklava from Rola’s Lebanese Food. It goes great with a cold brew coffee from 3J’s. Stick around to meet with Gemma’s Angels, an organization dedicated to feeding and providing for  hundreds of people.

It’s too early to play hooky, so we better see you there!

What’s at Market?


Spiral Path Farm: Bring home a box of organic greens from this certified-organic, family-run farm. Bring home fresh kale, herbs, and mixed veggies.

Pink Bird Bakery: An all-natural bakery specializing in healthy, wholesome breads and specialty cakes.

Knit One Pearl Two: An artisan specializing in beautifully crafted hand knits.

Rola’s Lebanese Cuisine: Authentic Lebanese food.

Batter: A gluten-free baking company with a certified gluten-free kitchen and artfully created goods, they are your go-to bakery for all sweet tooth moments! Try a fresh gluten-free cookie.

3J’s Coffee: A local coffee shop known for their breakfast sandwiches and freshly brewed pour over.

Pepperelly: Try this revolutionary artisan’s unique pepper spread with a twist.

Groves Candy: Meet the sweet tooth gurus who specialize in popcorn, fudge, and candies alike.

Howling Henry’s Brewing: Sample some of the fine brews crafted right here in Central Pa.

Guerrilla Canteen: A food truck on a mission to provide gourmet guerrilla cuisine to the general public. Treat yo’self to a blueberry cheesecake empanada with whipped cream for breakfast.

Adrienne Mohn’s Herbals: This artisan specializes in all-natural beauty and skin-care products.

Olivero’s Vineyard: This local winery offers free samples of their aged wines made from a wide variety of fresh ingredients.

Just Four Dogs and Cats Pet Bakery: This all-natural bakery creates unique treats for both dogs and cats. They also offer fun toys and apparel.

Stella Blue: Hip handcrafted jewelry with a zen-like appeal.

Silver and Stone Artisan Jewelry: An artist creating beautiful jewelry and fine accessories.

SPLAT: A Family Art Studio:  A fun business offering different projects for all ages!


  • 8:00 am – 9:00 am      Free CrossFit Gamma fitness class
  • 9:00 am – 10:00 am    Free tai chi class
  • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm    Paint and Create class for children (registration required)
  • 10:00 am- 11:00 am   Children’s activities with Music Together of Hershey
  • 8:00 am- 12:30 pm     Gemma’s Angels
  • 10:30am- 12:30 pm    Music by Howie

Volunteer to Help!

We could still use a few volunteers this week. Please consider helping if you’re available. It’s a great way to spend Saturday morning! If you can’t help this week, you can sign up for future dates on the Farmers Market on Chocolate page.

Volunteer September 3

Our Featured Vendor

Introducing Greg Schertzer from Howling Henry’s Brewing, LLP

12744594_1126481330716459_4904110116291946780_nSchertzer lives the life. Balancing family, work, and his passion: beer. Born and raised in beautiful Central Pennsylvania, Schertzer knows all about wholesome, yet simple living. Post graduation from the ITT Technical Institute, he signed on to working at Verizon. Beer was a long-time passion for Schertzer, but he never imagined brewing until he tried winemaking and instantly switched. Favoring a more creative approach with little rules, he experimented with home brewing kits, making a variety of concoctions that he began bottling. Eventually he was converting a empty warehouse into Howling Henry’s Brewery, affectionately named after their beagle. Schertzer’s beers are now featured at several local bars and restaurants, including Woo de la Kitchen and The Warwick Hotel. With an unfiltered, strong flavor, these beers sure are a hit! See Howling Henry’s this week at market for samples and good company. You won’t want to miss this one.


Describe the moment you knew you needed to sell your products.

After my wife stated that I should start a brewery.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before starting your own business?

The seemly bottomless valleys and the relatively small peaks.

What song best describes your work ethic?

Fight For Your Right To Party

How would you sell hot cocoa on the beach in Florida?

I would come up with an original recipe and market it as the hottest selling drink in town.

Name three people, famous or otherwise, you would love to have at your stand?

Tom Hennessy, Ray Daniels, and Ed Stoudt

What product do you believe to be your prized item?

BOPA, no other beer like it anywhere, and it gets great reviews

Describe one especially difficult challenge in your life and how you have grown from it.

Balancing the different aspects of my life without having one getting the short end of the stick. I started to understand that there is time for everything.


Meet This Week’s Tai Chi Leaderuma

David Tringali

Years of Martial Arts Experience: 20

Styles Studied: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Kendo, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do Modern Self-defense

Education: BA Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Pittsburgh

Current Rankings: 3rd Degree Black Belt through the International Wushu San Shou Dao, 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu, 1st Degree Black Belt in Tai Chi, 1st Degree Black Belt in Kendo,

Certified Instructor in the BYAM method of Self-defense Martial Arts

Achievements: Multiple time medalist in many national level martial arts competitions including the Capitol Classic and the International Chinese Martial Arts Circuit (ICMAC). All Around Champion in External Styles – Pittsburgh ICMAC 2011 Founder and advisor of the University of Pittsburgh Chinese Martial Arts Association

Favorite Weapon: Daggers