Wishing Our Interns the Best!

Our interns are moving on.

The college acceptance letters are in, the graduation march to Pomp and Circumstance already a memory. It’s hard to imagine that a year has slipped by so quickly.

For the past year or so, Marisa Balanda, Emily Briselli, Chad Cocco, and Natalie Norman-Kehe were hard at work as an essential part of the Downtown Hershey Association team. When something needed done, they got it done.

While they focused much of their energy supporting the brand efforts of DHA—specifically our Life on Chocolate lineup—they also pitched in to support other back office activities. In short, they were great!

“We are proud of the internship program we have developed with Hershey High School,” said Pam Whitenack, Chair of the Downtown Hershey Association. “Each of these students really stepped up and exceeded every expectation we had for this first year of the program. They’ve set the bar high and we look forward to working with our next group of interns to take things to another level.”

It’s not easy being first at anything, but this cadre of interns plowed through every challenge and managed to keep smiling. Simply put, we could not have enjoyed as much success as we did over the past year without you!

Thank you.

We’re gonna miss you.

Now go get ‘em!!